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In Pursuit of Big Kodiak Bears

Kodiak Island is big bear country, and we have taken record book kodiak bears from this area for the last 30 years. If you have your sights set on a trophy kodiak bear, chances are excellent you’ll take one here. We average 85% success and 100% effort.

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Kodiak Guide Service currently guides in Unit 8 of Kodiak Island, Sheraton Bay, South Ugak Bay, Kishuyak Bay make up Unit 8. Kodiak bear hunting areas are managed by a draw process. Kodiak Guide Service conducts both spring kodiak brown bear hunts and fall kodiak brown bear hunts. Draw applications for hunting units are due in fall for spring kodiak bear hunts. License and tag fees are $585.Kodiak bear hunts run ten days and include all transportation from the Kodiak Airport, guide, food and lodging.

If bear hunting is your passion, Kodiak Guide Service also offers brown bear hunting , black bear hunts and grizzly bear hunts on the Alaskan peninsula. Seasons differ from the bear season on Kodiak. If you can imagine it, we can pretty much make it happen. Contact us today for references.

Call for pricing, travel information and book availability.

Call Michael Horstman for more information 907-942-7738 or 920-540-5038

We will contact you as soon as possible. No inquiry will go unanswered if you supply the contact information. Please remember that we my be out on a hunt and it may take time to respond. We do not have cell service in these remote areas, we will respond as quickly as possible.