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Sitka Blacktails Deer Hunt
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Blacktail deer numbers on Kodiak have been on the rise since a die-off in 2011. This year we expect a great season with the mild winter. Don’t tell anyone, but the areas that Michael blacktail deer hunts have been producing excellent blacktail deer bucks and the trend is expected to continue. Everyone took a blacktail deer or had the opportunity to do so this past fall. Kodiak Guide Service is waiting on the drying period to have one of our takes scored for Boone & Crockett.
blacktail deer hunting in alaska

Blacktail deer season on Kodiak runs from August through the end of December. It’s preceded by a primitive weapons blacktaill deer hunt that runs in early November. We offer a combination hunt that takes advantage of the primitive weapons season for blacktail deer, and combines it with a brown bear hunt on a trophy fee basis in the fall. This hunt has proved to be very successful.
Contact us today, and we’ll give you some references that can tell you more about the incredible success of our blacktail deer hunts.

Sitka blacktail Deer Hunts

Guided Hunt 2 bucks /5 days of hunting
Price: $5500.00
1x1 from a cabin

Call Michael Horstman for more information 907-942-7738